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According to "Divorce Magazine," the average cost of a divorce WITH a lawyer is between $3,437 and $60,850 per spouse.  Add an accountant to the mix and you're looking at totals between $8,187 and $132,600!  Isn't there a way to get the results you need without making lawyers and accountants rich on your dime?  ABSOLUTELY!  We help you get the same results (or better!) by guiding you through the divorce process in such a way that MINIMIZES conflict, thereby costing you less in both emotions and finances.


When lawyers enter your case, they are expected to take adversary positions and "fight for you."  Unfortunately, this works out better for them than it does for you because CONFLICT CAN BE VERY LUCRATIVE AT $350 PER HOUR!  Conflict pits one party against the other and this often results in financial disaster for both parties. When kids are involved, this scenario gets exponentially worse!


OUR GOAL IS TO INFORM AND EDUCATE so that you can make your own intelligent decisions without liquidating your 401(k) to pay your attorney fees- except for expert legal advice on occaision. The positive results from using our services are stunning, since you pay only a fraction of the average amounts typically paid to lawyers.  We guide you through the entire divorce process to the extent that it's in your best interest.  In the event that you need attorney assistance for expert advice, or to speak for you in court, we have a long list of attorneys who are willing to charge by the hour, or for a flat fee in the case of a limited appearance.  You get the best of both worlds for a fraction of the cost!











Average Cost of Divorce Per Party:





Grand TOTAL:


"Thousands of satisfied clients since 1994"



  • Divorce Preparation

  • Legal Separation

  • Custody Orders

  • Support Orders

  • Temporary Orders

  • Contempt Filings

  • Modifications

  • Mediations

  • Discovery

  • Trial Preparation

  • QDRO's / DRO's

  • Wage Garnishments

  • and so much more!




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